Biohazard Test

Another session with metal and acid.


These are more for testing purposes as I was still figuring out how to work with acid and stencil.  The one on the right, the skull one, is more simplistic except for the teeth, that took some work.  The left one was more complex job, as there were lot more of the nooks and crannies to cut around (as well as adding some tapes in some negative areas).  Then there was the task of determining how much acid to pour to get the desired effects; the first time it matted out the sheen from the metal but retained the grey color, then adding more in the concentrated areas brought out the rusty brown color.  I just let the liquid flow around as it pleased occasionally dabbing off some to prevent it from going too far, and I was pretty surprised at how it turned out.  It kind of looks like a halo of smoke rising around the skull and the mask, as if it is being possessed by an ominous spectre.  I will have video of the process coming soon so you can see for yourself.

As for the title, well, doesn’t the picture say it all?  😉

Published by theartistaslisalee

Lisa Lee is an artist and writer based in Southern California. She was educated at Cal State University Long Beach where she received her BFA in Illustration, and originally focused her career goal in animation and/or comic books. After eight years freelancing on various projects from web graphics to concept art she now devotes full time to painting and drawing as well as writing and producing graphic novels. She combines her past experiences in animation and graphic art with the elements of modern masters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring. Much of her style revolves around Expressionism and Pop Art, and she treats each piece independently of one another; in short, she uses different styles and techniques for different subject matters. Her interests spans a wide array, from social and political issues, popular culture, movies, history, mythology, and her own personal experiences. She tends to shift back and forth between the light and the dark side; her work will often reflect her mood. When not associating herself with art Lisa enjoys movies, listening to music, driving around aimlessly, and occasionally dabbles on weird hobbies such as cooking, jewelrymaking, and picking weeds.

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