Rusty Selfie

Selfie fine art

My first selfie of the year. I’m trying something new here. I am taking the ultimate acid trip (not what you think, as you shall soon see).

I’ve gotten some scrap sheet metal from dad’s workshop and stenciled the shapes with tape and Xacto knife. Afterwards, this was the scary part, I sprayed some muriatic acid onto the sheet, surviving the nasty fumes that burned off the metal, after which I rinsed with water and scraped off the tape stencil. Now initially the metal didn’t change much of a color, it took a few days for the rusty hue to appear when there was no tape.

Some interesting lessons I’ve learned, I intend to play with the metal and acid some more. I am working on video of the process, I’ll have that uploaded to show soon.

Have good evening.

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