t.@.L.L. LOG 8-2-17

Man oh man this hot and humid weather has me ducking for cover for the cooler. I don’t know I said this before but I’ll say it again, I loathe Hot Weather. And you add humidity to the mix, curse you weather gods! 😥😝😝😥

That aside, I was given a suggestion to paint over the ONE NATION UNDER GUN image, at least the bulleted parts. They were stickers of bullet holes you’d put on the car so it looked like your car got the Bonnie & Clyde treatment, and I was told it’s be better if they were hand painted instead. So I did just that, painted over the stickers with acrylic so there won’t be any cheaply effect to the bullet holes:

One nation under gun

That aside, I decided to produce another flag, this time based on our current dim witted government’s arguments that climate change is a hoax and America needs to get back into the coal mining biz, which is now well under way once President Dump withdrew our mighty country out of the planet-saving Paris Accord few months ago. Instead of painting it, I used a more mix-media technique combining spray paint, newsprint paper, blow torch, and ground charcoal (the cooking kind, of course) and get down and dirty with it. I plan to call this THE CHAR-SPANGLED BANNER. (It’s a major shame I didn’t video this one, it was actually pretty cool how the process went. Oh well next time I guess 😑):

Char SPANGLED banner

Enter a caption

I’m sudging out the fifty stars into a muddy blurred mess, to suggest the toxicity of coal and its danger to the environment, and should our government stubbornly cling on to this pile of black crap America will no longer be known as “The Beautiful” but “The Pitiful.” Once it dries I’ll give a bit more touch up and call it done.

Happy Hump Day Everyone. 😎😎😎

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