Linkin Park: The Art


These two pics are basically based on the music of Link Park, one of my favorite music bands of all time.  So far I have almost of of their albums to date: Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Minutes to Midnight, A Thousand Suns, Living Things, and Hunting Party.  Their music is very upbeat and grungey, like a fusion of heavy metal, hip hop, and electronica, which blends well with their subject matter involving one’s struggle with his/her demons and to come to terms with his/her identity, something that touches pretty close to my heart.  Their later albums have evolved as a social and political commentary, and their music has also mellowed down to some degree, but still maintain their original grunge feel that made them what they are.  You can say I was like listening to their music while I composed these images; it was actually echoing in my head even without the iPod, and I tried to reflect it in my strokes.  Like their music I used various media like ink and watercolor and charcoal and mix it up into various strokes and scribbles.  I usually start by throwing some washes on the paper and dirty it up before I start drawing in the images.  There have been many other pics I’ve done in the past of similar nature, and I’m not about to ditch this style of work anytime soon, though I’m always experimenting with new techniques and styles. I think I just put these two together here in this post because I didn’t have a proper title for each one of them, and I tend to get really lazy so I just slapped them together here.  If anyone comes up with really cool titles for these pics let me know.  Thanks!

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