Random Thoughts : Making My Statement

If you’v ever read my artist statement (here) it probably sounds like I ripped it off of about ten different artist statement examples and randomly pasted it together.  Truth be told, it’s exactly what I did.

It’s actually very hard to explain what kind of art I do, and why I make the kind of art that I do.  And I’m sure I’m not alone.

I’ve haunted the shelves of bookstores and drove the Google search to kingdom come trying to learn the rules of writing artist statements professionally.  I can’t count how many drafts I’ve written, the one on my blog site was probably the sixth edition.  And still it isn’t good.  Even I read it and it sounds so lame.

First of all I don’t know how to describe my art.  I thought I did when I started out.  Of course I was very inclined to pop art and myriads of expressionism and I thought that’s where I was headed.  Then time passes and I began questioning where does my art really fit in.  But in the end I am relieved to learn there are plenty of artists out there whose art don’t really fit in the conventional genres either.  Which makes it whole lot easier to describe my work.

I’ll keep you updated on when I’ll have a new, better statement.  In the meantime please bear with the current one, even though it is so bad (I know, I cringe at it when I read it too.)  Have good weekend everyone.

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