One Nation Under Gun

one nation under gun


This was another piece I had started last year but stashed it aside because I was having hard time getting the satisfactory results.  I knew firsthand what it would be about, a satirical portrait of America’s obsession with the right to arms, as declared by the forefathers of our great country.  Initially I had it going with using stencils of bullets and guns forming the red white and blue on the American flag, and the bullet holes in place of the fifty stars.  While I did keep the fifty bullet holes part, the rest of them I wiped it out with gesso and layered it with some burned newspapers and more gesso, then bought more bullet hole stickers from Amazon and strategically placed the holes along where the red strips normally would be.  Then I took a bottle of red liquid paint and let it drool down, like it’s coming out from the bullet holes.  I then smudged some of the paint across and down, and boom, I think I was done.

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