Random Thoughts : Making My Statement

If you'v ever read my artist statement (here) it probably sounds like I ripped it off of about ten different artist statement examples and randomly pasted it together.  Truth be told, it's exactly what I did. It's actually very hard to explain what kind of art I do, and why I make the kind of … Continue reading Random Thoughts : Making My Statement

Grand Opening! The Artist as Lisa Lee Stores Online

I have officially launched into the commercial venture of my artistic career.  I have begun posting some of my images for sale as prints on various surfaces through the sites Zazzle and Redbubble.  Each of these shops will act as an extension to my creative process, and will feature some works I have not previously … Continue reading Grand Opening! The Artist as Lisa Lee Stores Online

One Nation Under Gun

This was another piece I had started last year but stashed it aside because I was having hard time getting the satisfactory results.  I knew firsthand what it would be about, a satirical portrait of America's obsession with the right to arms, as declared by the forefathers of our great country.  Initially I had it … Continue reading One Nation Under Gun

Punch (In Memory of Muhammad Ali)

Here is another tribute portrait for the recently passed, this time of "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali.  Actually he passed away late last year, but it's like now I'm finally posting this on the board.  I had started on it last year, but I wasn't happy with how it was coming out so I had stashed … Continue reading Punch (In Memory of Muhammad Ali)

Tears of Red Vol. 2

I've released a second part to my graphic novel TEARS OF RED, available on Amazon Kindle.  There will be total of six volumes and it will be released every six months.  Afterwards I intend to put them all together in single volume loaded with extra pages and features and release them in both print and … Continue reading Tears of Red Vol. 2