The Dead Among Us

Somehow I can’t get this line out of my head. WE ARE THE DEAD.  I first cam across that line from the famous Orwell novel 1984, which takes place in a world where freedom is virtually outlawed and everyone lives under constant surveillance by seemingly invisible eyes.  The title refers to the year 1984, when this novel takes place, and was written as a futuristic dystopian fiction written back in 1949.  Ironically the novel has foretold of events that are actually happening now in the new millenium, though it still has not yet reached the point where we humans are completely engulfed in the radar, but it probably won’t be long before that happens too.

Still, WE ARE THE DEAD rings out profoundly in our lives.  The evolution of technology is progressing at alarming rate, and what is supposed to make our lives better is actually turning us into mindless shells of a human being at the mercy of the computers.  In other words, we humans are becoming too dependent on the technologies at hand.  Smart Phones.  Smart TVs.  Smart Watches.  Smart This.  Smart That.  We are losing the natural capacities to think, remember, and even talk.  I hear stories of kids who go into panic attack when he/she loses the phone, and I’ve seen plenty of instances where I’m at a fast food joint trying to order a meal, and the store’s system had conveniently crashed at that time and had the cashiers frantically trying to add up the prices on a dingy calculator.  Everywhere I look nowadays, about 85% of the people have their heads down staring at the phone in their hands, shoulders slouched over, eyes fixated on the flashing screens.  Even a couple sitting at the table at a restaurant aren’t talking face to face; they’re staring at their phones. They have the look of the dead.  Zombies.  Reminds me of the line from the TV show: “We are the walking dead.”


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