t@LL Log 4/15/17

Back to work this Friday, though I was feeling a bit sluggish and low energy, something that happens very once in a while.  And it didn’t help any more that some teenagers nearby were smoking some weed and I could smell the strong odor, yuck.  Still I pushed myself to get some work done, and start prepping on new ones.  One of them being my newest selfie; I mentioned I would make at least one selfie every year using different styles and techniques.  This time I largely worked with pastel on a ‘pre-treated’ wood panel (meaning I soaked it up with some washes of watercolor and some blow-torching).  I’m making one with a very silly look and giving it a bit of a psychedelic vibe (thanks in part to the strong weed smell) by using mostly primary colors and couple shades of brown, purple and yellow ochre.  Then I brushed on few strokes of black ink and put it under the torch some more.  It’s not yet done I might put on few more strokes of pastel here and there, but so far this is what I got:


I was originally going to draw in some random images in the background but I kinda liked the way the wood grain shows through the pastel overlay after having torched it to death.  I’ll think about it some more.

And in the meantime I finally finished the ones I had started few weeks ago, the one with the bullet-riddled flag and the men in gas mask on a boat, and this, a hilarious fusion of two pop culture icons of the year, one a popular Japanese anime series “ATTACK ON TITAN” and other the notorious Internet shock jock Milo Yiannopolis:

Now some of you may not be familiar with the anime show.  Actually me either, I only found out about it last year and I hadn’t really been watching too much TV lately, at least the animes.  Something about a world under attack by some grotesquely malformed man eating giants called the Titans, their existence still a mystery.  Just like Milo Y, some gay dude who was the editor for an extreme right-wing journalist site Breitbart.com just suddenly popped out of nowhere and took the whole cyberspace by storm, literally, with his big dirty mouth.  I’ve read some of his articles just because it pops up on my Facebook feed every now and then and they were pretty awful.  It’s like he basks in the ray of negativity and flaunts it with complete abandon.  Thinking of those two side by side and this was the image that popped in my head, and I couldn’t resist…

I hope next week I’ll have more energy to work.  Everyone have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

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