Red Tape: See, Hear, Speak

Continuing on my ‘Red Tape’ series, this one was pretty fun to do-

See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil.

I’m sure you’ve heard that expression many times.  Interestingly, this line originated as a proverb from the ancient Japanese culture in religion and philosophy, first appearing as pictoral maxim that appears in form of three monkeys over the entrance of the Tosho-Gu shrine in Nikko, Japan.  Each of the monkeys are depicted with its hand covering a part of its face in correspondence to the expression- the eyes, the ears, and mouth. (For more on this part go see The Three Monkeys at Wikipedia.)

The proverb has various meaning in different cultures.  Here in the Western world it refers to one’s lack of moral responsibility toward impropriety, in simpler terms, to turn a blind eye or feign ignorance of certain issues or perceptions.  Yes it’s only part of human nature that we as humans don’t want to get involved in what is potentially a messy affair, even if we feel deep in our hearts that it is wrong or right.  But sometimes it is the norms of the society that nurtures that ‘ignorance is bliss’ thoughts, that it is inappropriate to butt in on someone else’s matters or we risk being reprimanded by others for intervening.  Hence we see a ‘red tape’ on what we can see, hear, or talk.  The same can be said of media.  There are endless ‘red tapes’ of what they can present to the public under pressures from the powers that be, and what we the viewers can see, hear, or talk about.  Even though the U.S. prides itself in the ‘freedom of the press’ clause in their Constitution you can still see the ‘red tapes’ the guys on the high tower tries to spread onto the public’s senses.  And you can see it being blatantly used by President Donald Trump with his annoying “fake news” rhetoric, trying to dissuade the public from hearing the truth and only giving them what he thinks we want to hear.  We as citizens have right to know what is going on and express our opinions about it, and act when necessary.

Bottom line is, it’s up to us as individuals to follow our hearts and to seek and listen and speak up.  We are born free with the right to know and to act upon it however we see fit.  We cannot let others control our senses, only totalitarian states do that.  We live in a free country praise the Lord, let us not conform to the ‘ignorance is bliss’ principle and live right by one another.  Myself included, of course.

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