T@LL Log 3/24/17

It was such a nice day out, that I am working on my new stuff under the sun at a park.

There was an art studio about 15 minutes from my house that offered Open Sessions every Friday for $15, which granted access to its studio space with all the equipments to the public.  I took advantage of that in 2013 and that’s where I got my start at building up my artistic career.  Sadly they have cancelled the OS two years ago, and since I can’t afford to rent even a small studio on my meager income, and it’s also hard to work from the house that I live in with my parents with all the distractions that may come my way, I decided to do all my art work at a local park or at a mall where there isn’t too much crowd or disturbance.  And so far I hadn’t had any complaints about the mess I’m making (of course I clean up at day’s end) or been forced out of the site by the security, and I’ve occasionally have some passerbys come and observe my work and admire it, it has helped me to step out of my introvert shell, to some degree.  What’s more I’m not having to spend money on rent or any of that sort, and I’m now making a habit of packing lunch from home, I could afford to spend a little more dough on things I really need.

From today I’ll be keeping a log of all my progress with photos and soon some videos as well.  I’m trying to learn to use the Cyberlink PowerDirector I have bought recently so I can edit all my videos to a watchable format.

Some stuff I got done so far:


As I said it was a nice day out and there was a nice empty patio with a clean bathroom and plenty of tables and spaces to get messy.

Below are some new mixed media paintings on paper previously primed with watercolor washes.  Once I’m done I’ll get to the fun part of explaining each piece like I always do.





This piece below was actually started last year, but I wasn’t too happy with the way it was turning out so I had set it aside for a while until I could refresh my brain to rework it.  This piece was titled “One Nation, Under Gun,” a pun on America’s love affair with guns.  I had used the bullet stencils to draw in the stripes with red paint.  And the stars are the bullet stickers I had bought off of Amazon.  As you can see it is pretty unsightly:


And so I’ve covered up the red mess with gesso and some burnt newspapers, and I had bought some more bullet holes online and strategically placed them where the red stripes should be:


And afterwards I dripped some red paint over the bullet holes to give it a effect of blood spilling out of the holes, to make up the stripes.  I actually feel this is working out better than the previous:


And as for this piece, I’m just starting on another selfie (for I plan to make a selfie at least once a year).  I’ve applied a wet-on-wet with water and watercolor and let it soak into the wood.  I’ll start drawing in the outlines next time.:


There you have it.  I hope you’ll enjoy watching my work in progress in weeks to come, as I’ll try my best to update it as much as possible.  Have good weekend everyone, and peace out…

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