T.@.L.L. My new identity


So as you know this site was titled “The Artist as Lisa Lee” from the beginning.  Over time I toyed around with ideas to change it or work up from the original.  I’ve had lots of different names, but I only kept it to myself because I wasn’t so confident about them.  Then when I applied the abbreviation it hit me, especially of the @ part.

Seeing as how there are two a’s in the abbreviated form, the “artist as”, instead of typing in double a’s I thought about how I can put them together as one form.  That’s where I got the idea to use the @ symbol, and tweak it to appear like overlapping a’s.  As for the choice of font, I thought a Courier gives a vibe of grunge and grit, which is apparent in majority of my works you see here.

I’ve spent the past four years on careless dabbling and experimenting with various styles and techniques (and some crafting too, like beading and clay modeling).  I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m starting to get a clearer picture of where I want to take my art in the next four or so years, as well as venturing into a commercial field.  There has been many artists out there who’ve become successful entrepreneurs, but I don’t know that I’ll reach that same level.  But alas I need to make real money, I can’t just sit around making art any longer, and with this crappy economy any chances of getting even a min-wage job is pretty nil, especially since I’m not getting younger.  I am learning as much as possible, and hopefully I’ll achieve some mild level of success.  And as always I’ll keep track of that progress here so your love is always appreciated.

Thats all i got for now.  Have a good weekend. ❤

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