T@LL Log 3/24/17

It was such a nice day out, that I am working on my new stuff under the sun at a park. There was an art studio about 15 minutes from my house that offered Open Sessions every Friday for $15, which granted access to its studio space with all the equipments to the public. Β I … Continue reading T@LL Log 3/24/17

T.@.L.L. My new identity

So as you know this site was titled "The Artist as Lisa Lee" from the beginning.  Over time I toyed around with ideas to change it or work up from the original.  I've had lots of different names, but I only kept it to myself because I wasn't so confident about them.  Then when I … Continue reading T.@.L.L. My new identity

The Root of Evil

For the love of Money is the Root of All Evil... Β - 1 Timothy 6:10 You have seen in dramas and movies about best friends turning on each other motivated by their selfish desires for riches and fame. Β However it is not merely limited to entertainment; it is a reality, one that's been going on … Continue reading The Root of Evil