The Wolfing

And speaking of wolves…

There is a werewolf in all of us.

No, not a literal werewolf like you see in the cheesy B-horror movies where the full moon rises and someone grows hair and fangs and start rushing out on a bloody rampage across town.  However, it’s the last part that’s sad but true- there is a dark side in all of us, a primal hunger for blood, triggered by negative factors such as anger, jealousy, fear, hate.  Most of the time we may vent it out on the spot with fights and verbal arguments.  But there are times when we would just hold it in for as long as possible, until like a boiling pot it bubbles over and Boom!  And in the worst case scenario it results in murder or a massacre.  Like Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Fort Sutter.  All result of pent up negative energy that spiraled out of control, and awakened the wolf within.

Nothing fancy done here, just some simple black strokes upon a chip board I bought from the scrapbox at Home Depot.  I really like how the texture of the board shows through the paint, giving it a wild jaggedy feel to the content.  It makes the wolf appear more ferocious.  I hope I can find more of these boards, they are actually hard to come by.

Until next time, keep your wolf tamed.  😉


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