The Only One

2016. Acrylic On Cardboard.

This was a rather quick and simple piece I whipped up.  Not much planning (except for researching the symbols, yeah gotta keep it accurate), a pretty spontaneous moment.  I often work like that.

“There can be only one…” – Highlander

I know it’s pretty corny to use that line, it’s probably been overused to the point of exhaustion.  But there’s no better way to describe this image in one line or less.

You see, I can’t for the life of me understand why there is so many different line of religious groups in this world.  All with its own principles and beliefs.  Some are okay, some are not, and there are some that are just way out of line.(I won’t say specifically which one I’m referring to, though I’m sure you’ve figured it out already).  Ultimately they serve the one Heavenly Being that created this world and the living things that occupy it.  Okay, I know some religion believe there is more than one god, some believe the god is a female, and some gods are multiformed creatures.  Heck, even the Devil is depicted as the god.

Wouldn’t it be simple if everybody can agree on one idea or doctrine, and believe in one and true God as described in the Bible.  The God that gave us the gift of Life and Love because he chose to.  God who does not wish to see us suffer and fear, and does not ask too much of us, but will only step in when we ask.  God who hates when we commit wrong against another but is willing to forgive if we repent.  God who truly understands the heart of humanity because he sent his Son to live among us and experience everything that we do right up to death on the cross.

Yes, that’s the God I believe, and no other.  Any God opposite of those attributes I just described are just fabrications of greedy bloodthirsty men who loves to control and terrorize the weak. In my God I trust and hope, something we all can use in this dark age.  What other god can do that?


Happy New Year everyone!

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