Monsters All Around Me


This piece started out with me taking up my kitchen torch that I used to use for caramelizing sugar on the creme brulee(yum) and burning random holes all over the cardboard.  It didn’t burn out very well, just left a gaping hole showing the cardboard ridges beneath the smooth surface.  As I stared down at the holes like an idiot that doesn’t know what she’s doing, I saw it that it resembles a gaping mouth of a monster fish with giant teeth.  So I started with that, and then I thought of the famous Goya print “Dream of Reason Produces Monsters” which shows a man in deep slumber surrounded by creepy creatures, and how it relates to my own inner struggles with the monsters inside me (and yes I got plenty of them. To talk about them it’ll take weeks).  And this is the end result.

Not the prettiest, or the best I’ve done.  But I’ve done worse, and I keep them for future references, and to remember not to make the same mistakes again.  There are few areas that I like that I’ll most likely reuse in my next work.  Maybe I’ll even get an aerosol and spray into the flame and…you know how that will turn out.  😉

Whatcha Think?

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