X. Y. And now Generation Z has arrived.

They are considered the direct contemporaries of the Millenials, who are well versed in the languages of technology and cyberspace, and their social and political views shaped by post 9/11 events such as the Arab Spring, terrorist attacks throughout the globe, the Great Recession, the reawakening Cold War tensions, the radical group ISIS, a revival of racial discord, and of course the recent media circus surrounding the succession of President Obama, in which the worlds fate lies in very fragile balance.

But this post is for now only concerned with the first characteristic of the Generation Z- the tech part. Yes the youngsters today are shaped by what they see and “talk” about on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Of course the Millenials were the first to dive into this vast new digital age, but it’s the Zs that has perfected its role in our lives and for other generations to come.  No doubt they have huge reins on the marketplace and the media. It will be awkward to try to talk to a young one about who Prince was when he/she is absorbed into Justin Beiber. Or a kid who’s spent hours mastering the Art of assassination on Call of Duty will find Pac-Man a total waste of time and brainpower.  Or even better, someone will have mastered the art of painting with a virtual paintbrush on a computer screen canvas, but not so much with the real brush.  You get the idea.

But my ultimate concern here is, how good is it for these new generation in this rapidly evolving age of technology and cyberspace.  Anyone know about the AlphaGo the super smart computer that defeated the top dog in the complex game of Go (of course not many will have ever heard of Go; it’s a popular checkers like game in Asia- go hit up Google or better yet read the manga “Hikaru no Go”).  This event has just marked what could be a beginning of an end for man as depicted in the cult classic TERMINATOR.  Yes I guess it was inevitable that we humans now must cohabitate with machines.  Which brings me to another movie: WALL-E, a lovable Pixar cartoon about what appears to be not so distant future where humans have become morbidly obese and unable to perform simple tasks as eating as its all done by robots.  To add more bleakness to this new reality is that jobs are now going to the machines and that means there is nothing left for us humans to make a living. We humans are now at dire mercy of these mechanical entities that are far more superior in intelligence and speed and efficiency and stamina.

We are losing the capabilities to think and act for ourselves and letting the machines do all the thinking for us, and I fear it’s only going to get worse.  If you walk down the street I challenge you to count the number of people you pass by that have their heads facing down at their palms where their cellphones are comfortably resting.  In hindsight they look all too much like those corpses that rose out of their graves and wandering aimlessly looking for brains.  I just might call Mr. Romero a prophet for having foreseen this change in our society.

Let me close out with this charming article:


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