In Between 

Do you trust everything you see, hear, or say?
You turn on the news, open up the newspaper, surf around the web, and pick up a conversation among friends or strangers. You see all sorts of stories being told in many different ways, sometimes it’s all about the one single subject, being spun in millions of webs of truths, half truths, and lies. Sometimes to find out the real truth you have to read between the lines and hear out from more than one side of the story. You can’t just accept what you read or see on the spot, as the world would want you to. Very few people are willing to go the distance to learn the true story for themselves. Sadly in this day and age people’s attention span are so shorted out that they’ll just accept whatever is thrown at them as is.  Or they’re driven by their emotional charges such as anger and fear, and I know one guy who plays on that perfectly, and he’s running for President this year.

Honestly I don’t know where I’m going with this piece.  At first it started out with collaging a bunch of newspaper scraps I had playfully set on fire over the grill (and buy it was great balls of fire baby!)  I was attracted to the burnt edges and marks the fire had left behind and as I layered them over one piece after another I could see some nice forms in between the spaces.  Then it made me think of the whole “read between the lines” thing and that’s how it started.  After that, well, I was pretty stuck on what to put in the spaces.  I was just scribbling and scrawling away random images and symbols and it didn’t seem to make much sense.  Even with the current end result I have here doesn’t seem to make much sense.  Perhaps I ought to change the title to “Don’t Make Sense” because at this moment it really is, and it doesn’t seem to fit in with the original concept anymore.  But if I put it another way, nothing in life makes sense, even what we read or see.

Even now I’m writing all this and I ain’t making sense.  Funny, isn’t it?

Whatcha Think?

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