Pieta 2

Pieta is a Christian symbol often associated with a Mother Mary carrying the body of Jesus Christ in her lap, a poignant story of a mother mourning the loss of her child.  Pieta can be associated with lots of things outside of Christian context.  In any circumstances a loss of an innocent life due to pestilences or human error is a tragedy.  I recall seeing an image on the internet of an U.S. Army soldier carrying what appears to be a gravelly injured or dead child in his arms, and his posture pretty much says it all, even if the child is not his, he is begrieved over the innocent lives being lost in the midst of a brutal conflict that could have been avoided if not for the pride and selfishness of humans.

Here is the link to the mentioned pic:

Soldier carrying an injured child.

Pieta is one of the themes I like to explore in my works because it can allude to many topics and issues of this world, and not just limited to religious context.  You can expect more Pieta-like works in the near future.  Have a good day, and stay safe.

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