Back in the Hoooood, Baby! (Sorry sound so gangsta haha)

Well, I’m back from the summer slumber, barely survived the deadly heat, and ready to blog away all my latest work.

Not much to say about my summer except I was busy producing new works to show you, digging in my closet for few unfinished projects which I will talk more about later (promise!) and just wrapped up my third group show with WOCA (Warehouse of Contemporary Art, in Anaheim, near my home, last Saturday night.  Some pictures from the show:







Here’s my section, it’s kinda tucked in the corner, not so much exposure but at least people did go around the corner.


I also did a live on-site painting session at one point of the night, a first for me, I didn’t promote it so well but got few good responses.  Sorry the lighting sucked.20160910_210529

Overall the show was a good experience, it brought together many local artists from around the Orange County area and I got to know a few of them.  Some of them are veterans here at the show, which shows quarterly every year.  I look forward to coming again with more new stuff to show.

The only dismal moment of my summer was that I lost my entire collection of art supplies, snatched from our garage one night when my dad forgot to close it.  Most of those stuff I had since college and they held plenty of sentimental values to me.  I had to since replace most of them, but I’m not going to be brooding over it, there’s no time for that.  Just brush it off and keep running, as the saying goes.  Though I don’t know who said that.

Thank you for your patience.  Stay tuned from now on.

Good night.




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