Random Thoughts : Jack of All Trades, Master of None

In the years since I left college I’ve built up quite a resume for myself of all sorts of skills and crafts.  It initially started as a decision to acquire another trade to supplement my degree in art, in order to increase my chances of getting a good job in the ver competitive field of art.  However the economy has been in the pits since 2008 with thousands of people getting laid off from their jobs and still counting, the unemployment rate is constantly teetering left and right, and the incoming college grads are having lots of trouble getting even a part-time jobs.  It’s been ten years since I left college, and I’m still sitting in my PJs binging on the latest movies and TV shows on Netflix.  Yeah I don’t remember the last time I’ve held a serious job.  Hooray for me.

Nowadays I’ve learned to accept my position and try to see things in more positive light, rather than whining and bitching about how I ever got myself in this rut and why I’m left with the scraps, constantly comparing myself to my siblings who have had lot more successes in life than I.  I have continually kept myself busy polishing up on my skills and abilities, and learning new ones.  Who knows one of these days one of the skill-sets will actually come to good use.

I’ve time to sit down and make a list of all my accomplishments.  And boy did the list get unbelievably long:

(Disclaimer: I won’t pretend I’ve mastered all of the listed skills, but have some intermediate understanding of majority of the stuff.  Hence the title of this post)

Drawing (pencil, pen, charcoal,pastel)

Painting(oil, acrylic, watercolor)

Mixed Media(collage, montage)

Printmaking(relief/block, monoprint)

Computer Graphics(Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Video)

Animation(storyboarding, frame-by-frame)

Theater Arts(set design, set building, prop making, costume design)

Sewing(alteration, reform, pattern)

Jewelrymaking(wirework, beadweaving, decorative knots, macrame)

Sculpture/Modeling(polymer clay)



Comic Book

Writing(Poetry, Short Story, Prose, Blogging)

Well that’s about all I can think of for now.  I’ll keep you updated.  😉


Published by theartistaslisalee

Lisa Lee is an artist and writer based in Southern California. She was educated at Cal State University Long Beach where she received her BFA in Illustration, and originally focused her career goal in animation and/or comic books. After eight years freelancing on various projects from web graphics to concept art she now devotes full time to painting and drawing as well as writing and producing graphic novels. She combines her past experiences in animation and graphic art with the elements of modern masters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring. Much of her style revolves around Expressionism and Pop Art, and she treats each piece independently of one another; in short, she uses different styles and techniques for different subject matters. Her interests spans a wide array, from social and political issues, popular culture, movies, history, mythology, and her own personal experiences. She tends to shift back and forth between the light and the dark side; her work will often reflect her mood. When not associating herself with art Lisa enjoys movies, listening to music, driving around aimlessly, and occasionally dabbles on weird hobbies such as cooking, jewelrymaking, and picking weeds.

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