Puff Time: Mortal Kombat Original 9

I’m taking another shot at clay modeling, this time using an air-dry clay. I want to see how it compares to the traditional oven-bake clay. I’m calling my mini figures Puffs because they remind me of the Stay-Puft Narshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters movie.   And as for subject I’m sticking to Mortal Kombat but on the original nine characters that booted the whole franchise to its legendary status.

To make long story short, the air dry clay has its pros and cons-pros being I don’t need to cook it in the oven, and con being the clay starts drying out the minute I grab a bunch out of the wrap, making it difficult to make any delicate detail and fixing any mistakes. It felt sticky and spongy which also adds to the difficulty in forming a neat detailed figure.  I guess not all air dry clay are equal, I’m sure there are better brands of the material, but I think I’m done with air-dry and try experimenting with other kinds of clay. Which I will keep updated on.

Peace and Love to All.

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