Goodbye…4 Da Summer

Goodbye doesn't mean gone forever.  I'm just going to take this summer as an opportunity to fully concentrate on my stuff, and away from blogging. So that I will have lots of cool stuff to show when September comes.  Of course I might still post a few tidbits from time to time, when I need … Continue reading Goodbye…4 Da Summer

Puff Time: Mortal Kombat Original 9

I'm taking another shot at clay modeling, this time using an air-dry clay. I want to see how it compares to the traditional oven-bake clay. I'm calling my mini figures Puffs because they remind me of the Stay-Puft Narshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters movie.   And as for subject I'm sticking to Mortal Kombat but … Continue reading Puff Time: Mortal Kombat Original 9

Portrait of Prince

Last month the world mourned the loss of yet another pop icon, Prince. The singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and producer that gave us enduring hits like "Purple Rain" "When Doves Cry" "1999" "Kiss" to name a few, was only 57 and still going strong in his 30+ years of career, he was to America what … Continue reading Portrait of Prince

Field Trip Day 11: The Broad Museum

After months of waiting I finally nabbed the coveted ticket to the newly opened Broad Museum in Downtown LA, located right across an older cousin the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). Opened in September of last year this new museum boasts of larger collection of modern post WWII era and contemporary art by legendary and … Continue reading Field Trip Day 11: The Broad Museum