Do you remember in your teenage years when you’d look in your mirror and see those icky snow-capped red bumps spread all over your face? And how you’d try to rid of them by squeezing out those gross yellow gunk and you’re left with crater like scars that would take years or worse never to heal. I know the feeling because I was one of those pimple busters back in the day.  

Figuratively speaking the scars exists not only on the skin but deep underneath it. Scars caused by life’s trials and tribulations-tragedies, heartbreaks, losses, disasters, illnesses, etc. And unlike the scars on our faces or on other surfaces of the body that can be covered up with makeup or clothing, the scars on the inside remains visible to your mind. That doesn’t mean it can’t be tried- be it drugs, alcohol, TV, sex-but it only leaves you worse off than before. 

Whatcha Think?

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