Blow the TRUMPet

Will somebody please shut The Trump UP?!
I never did take the guy seriously, though I won’t deny the wits and skills he used to build up a mega billion dollar empire and made the name Trump synonymous with rich and famous. But do we really want to be calling him President Trump? Give him the keys to the most powerful and volatile job in the world?

Seriously I want know what kind of people are actually giving this clownfaced douche attention he doesn’t deserve. The last several months we’ve watched him rolling his snakelike tongue spewing out fireball after fireball of insults and hypocrisy, playing on people’s fears and dissent to stir up and divide communities and tearing up all that America has stood for many centuries and the model of democracy other countries try to emulate. And if God forbid he makes his way into the White House there is no telling what the future holds for us. GOD SAVE AMERICA.  

This piece is somewhat similar to my previous piece THE TONGUE IS EVIL which was about the dangers of words based on the Bible passage of James 3:6. I see the parallel for this current piece; Donald Trump by no doubt is the perfect living epitome of the passage. And for him to say that he is a devout Christian is the most hypocritical BS you can ever hear. Like wha version of the book does he read? Obviously it doesn’t have the teachings of Jesus about love and forgiveness cause I do not see it in his rhetoric.

Whatcha Think?

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