Random Thoughts : Just Do It!


-Carter to Lee in Rush Hour

As I immerse myself into a gooey icky mess of paints and sprays ( and a sweet burning scents of weed that some kids are blowing nearby ) I take a moment to step back and observe the work of my hands.  And it hits me:  I don’t know what the hell in doing.

Before I felt like I had it all figured out; I had clear images of what I wanted to create and the story behind it that I want to convey with brushes and paints.  But when it came down to actually making it a reality, conflicts settle in.  Things aren’t coming out quite as I imagined it, and instead I find this board filled with wild scribbles and splatters and rough strokes and I’m trying to find where to make the next mark.  And I’m having flood of doubts in my brain; am I doing the right thing?  Am I getting the message clear?  Do I even know what I’m doing??

Similarly I’m walking around a gallery and observing the works of other artists.  And there are about half of the works on the wall I got no clue what it’s supposed to say.  And I ask myself how the hello do you call this piece of junk a masterpiece of art?  How did it ever get the attention it doesn’t deserve?  

I am an artist, or am I?  I struggle with this question constantly as I’m staring down at the random mess of artwork I’ve created or at other peoples art and cannot understand it.  If I don’t understand my own art, much less other artists’ work, how can I truly be an artist?

But then I remember the day when I made the undying pledge to make life with the gift that God has given me.  And I hear that famous Nike slogan: Just Do It!

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual.  Nor does it run with the program the way you plan it.  Or yet, there is no RIGHT or WRONG answers to everything. There’s no point in wasting precious time trying to figure out everything.  You just have to leave it to the Big Guy Above, trust your gut, sit down, and draw.  

Just Do It.  And eventually everything will fall into place

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