Pierced | Crushed

Hi been a while.  I want to share some work I’ve done during the last month of 2015.


He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our inequities…
Isaiah 53:5

Throughout art history we have seen many depictions of Jesus Christ.  Most of them presents him in rich decor and radiant lights to highlight his glory.  Sometimes there were images of him at the lowest point of his earthly life-when he was stripped, beaten, and crucified on the cross, as the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity.  The latter part appealed more to me, partly due to the movie “The Passion Of the Christ,” which was a gritty account of Christ’s last hours before the fated Crucifixion.  It was a powerful movie but with some scene that were too wrenching; I had to turn away when Jesus was being savagely whipped by the maniacal guards ( I think it last about five minutes, it never felt so long to me), and another time when he was being nailed down to the wooden cross.  Really not the best way to suffer to the death.  But it illustrated the Lord’s love for mankind that he would lower himself from his glorious position to become like us, and to suffer cruel mortality to free us from our bondage of death and bring us ever closer to him and his heavily kingdom.

For this piece I tried out few techniques I have not yet ever tried before- first, to sear the surface of the chipboard with a mighty kitchen torch ( which is normally reserved for caramalizing sugar of the creme brûlée, yum) and secondly, mix paint with a pouring medium to spatter tatter Pollock style all over the surface.  After some multiple brushing with varnish and paint and scraping and carving through the tough board, the end result is a battered image of the cross, to illustrate the immense suffering of Christ and highlight the eponymous verse above.

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