Field Trip Day 9:  Anaheim Packing House

FLong before there was Disneyland, the Angels Stadium, the Honda Center, and a bombastic growth spurt of high end resorts and restaurants above its dusty grounds, the city of Anaheim was a thriving agricultural community of orange and citrus groves.  Sunkist Corp., one of the leading growers of the tasty oranges, once had a warehouse where all their fruits wer packaged and shipped to local retailers.  Today it has been converted to a gourmet artisan-style food court serving eclectic and cultural varieties of meals and drinks and desserts.  Don’t expect to find a Panda Express or McDonald’s here; it’s all about fresh new adventure for your tummy.  

The Packing House opened its doors in mid 2014 at the intersection of Santa Ana street and Anaheim Bolevard, retaining much of its original Spanish Colonial architecture with some modifications to the aged structure to accommodate the new setup.  It sits on the same lot with the Packard Building, another one of numerous historic structures of the old days of Anaheim, which currently houses the Anaheim brewery and Umami Burger.  

For more info as well as directions

The Packard Building, which houses a brewery and Umami Burger


In between Packard Buolding and Packing House is Farmers Park where you can enjoy a picnic lunch on the nice green lawn (warning: the grass is fake. ) or just take a nice stroll. on weekends they hold an outdoor farmers market selling homemade goods.


The main north entrance after walking through the park.

Here it is the east entrance. well guarded by the two mighty roosters.

Yep, no Pets inside the building. Sorry they’ll have to stay at the park.

The House has an Upper floor and a basement floor, with a mezzazine im between.

The upper deck has some outdoor dining tables as well as these cutesy rocking chairs just to sit and rock away the time.

As you walk in through thd glass door you’ll find two carts flanking each side displaying unique gifts and novelties for sale. And oh yes the Roosters stand guard here too, ready to peck at anyone that dare to cross their way…

A simpld floor plan of the facility.

The mezzazine floor doubles as a lounge with two tiered spacious benches and also as a stage for live performances on weekends.

The Packing House is a foodie’s paradise with plethora of gourmet artisan cuisine to delight ypur palates. As I mentioned, no outside mainstream foods are allowed here, just original quality eats.


Not only is there plenty of goodies to delight your appetite, its also a feast for the eyes, as each food venue stands out on its own as work of art.


at the west end is a room for more private dining experience . This was probably the front desk of the old packing factory.


There is a small room that appears to show films about the history of the Packing House


The House gets typically busy during lunch time , and considering Anaheim is the hub of tourism thanks to Disneyland lots of tourists flock here as well.


It gets especially crowded on weekends as usual, so getting a decent table is a battle.


The House is well stocked with complete course of breakfast lunch dinner, and of course desserts like these tasty pastries.


Every food stand have its own culinary specialties, such as this all grilled cheese sandwich shop.


The ‘official’ mascot of the grilled cheese shop.


Besides tables you can dine comfortably on countertops around the opening to the basement floor.


Sometimes it can feel like a jungle with all these floras hanging from the ceiling above.



You can rest assured all food are organic and contain no harmful substances, and made with love.


This particular joint is especially popular with waiting line sometimes going out the door.







It is said that NBA superstar Kobe Bryant was once spotted at this Kettle Bar, known for its gourmet gumbo dishes.


These individual steel based kettles are where every individual guests gumbo are freshly brewed and served.



For those with affinity for toy trains,.


David certainly loves his gelato.


Young kids today would not last a day on these desks at school like their grandparents did.




And after a nice tour its time to relax on a table with a crepe treat and live music.

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