Random Thoughts: Art and God


Here is an inspiring article one should read about how we can use our gift of creating to serve our one and only God, himself the Great Creator.

It was a fortunate luck that I ran across this article, as I myself was contemplating how I could use this gift of art to serve.  To think I had at one point tried to abandon this gift to pursue other interests in my early years.  Looking back I realized how many times God had to push me back on this track that I now stand, and I am thankful for it, otherwise my life would have been a fantastic mess.  I probably have talked about this in my previous Random Thoughts, if you haven’t read them already you can easily find it in the Categories section from the drop-down menu in the right column of this blog.   Maybe I’ll tell the story in greater detail some other time.

Have a great weekend.  God Bless you, and the people of Paris (yes they’ve been through rough day).

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