Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts: Art and God

http://www.crosswalk.com/culture/the-arts/how-to-live-artistically-for-god.html Here is an inspiring article one should read about how we can use our gift of creating to serve our one and only God, himself the Great Creator. It was a fortunate luck that I ran across this article, as I myself was contemplating how I could use this gift of art to serve.  To… Continue reading Random Thoughts: Art and God

Work in Progress

The Alternative to Canvas

 Working.... No new pics today, or more likely for rest of this year. For now I'm just messing around with some junk I salvaged from the trash.   I'm making some new painting surfaces using old cardboard and shredded junk mail. It's pretty pricey to buy them canvases or drawing boards, and this might turn… Continue reading The Alternative to Canvas

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts: I Don’t Wanna Paint today…

   Many times I have heard that to be a successful artist one must be locked away in his/her studio and make art nonstop.  At times it sounds pretty laborious, and it is.  I admit I only work few hours on Fridays on my art making and majority of other times committed to house chores… Continue reading Random Thoughts: I Don’t Wanna Paint today…

Field Trip Day

Field Trip Day 8: LA Brewery Artwalk

The Los Angeles Brewery Artwalk is a biannual event at one of LA's biggest artist in residence community.  Originally the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery, it was converted into a non-profit art community in 1982 and today boasts of over 100 artist studios of all genres and techniques and characters.  The event is open on one weekends… Continue reading Field Trip Day 8: LA Brewery Artwalk

Pop Art

When It Rains…

I had actually done this a while back but totally forgot about it.  Not much to explain here but it's a spoof of the iconic Morton Salt Girl that you often find on their blue cans at any grocery store with the familiar phrase "when it rains it pours." Here you can see a plain… Continue reading When It Rains…