WC Beatz

My tribute to some of the best known hip hop artists of the West Coast, primarily in Southern California.  It’s just more proper that I created these in coinciding with the August release of “Straight Outta Compton” which brought back some good old memories of this old beats and tunes I enjoyed back in middle and high school.  It’s shame hip hop doesn’t sound like it used to.

I created this on one long piece of board made out of 12 sheets of mix media paper taped together.  I know there’s a lot of rap artists out there but these 12 are the ones I’m most familiar with.  Maybe someday I’ll make another win the other rappers I’ve missed.  The rappers here from left to right are ( in case you don’t recognize them though I did put subtle hints on some of them): WARREN G, EAZY E, ICE CUBE, SNOOP DOGG, DR. DRE, TUPAC, ICE T, CYPRESS HILL, MYSTIKAL, XZIBIT, NATE DOGG, COOLIO.

Next I’ll be composing some series of pics for the rappers of East Coast.  Stay tuned…

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