My Self Promo Vid

Okay, so few months ago I bit my tongue and made myself a self promo video as a way to get myself and my art out there.  I cringe at the sight of my big face and the awful sound of my voice, but one of these days I gotta just come out, right?  And also this would be your chance to see what I really look and sound like, as I hardly am into posting selfies.

It ain’t professionally made, so please bear with some fault ones, not to mention the terrible audio.  >_<

Also I’ve added two new widgets at the bottom of this blog that links to my other sites Instagram and Flickr, where I’ve begun sharing my collection of handmade jewelry.The Instagram is where you’ll see most of my WIPs and sketch sessions, among other things I do on the side (sorry no selfies here 😉  Go take a look and drop in some notes pretty please.

Have a wonderful weekend.  🙂

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