Random Thoughts: Artists That Inspire Me

I am inspired by many different artists.

Van Gogh for his bold graphic painting style.

Picasso for his eclectic mix and mastery of techniques and styles.

Jean Michel Basquiat for his speed, energy, brutality, and honesty in his unusual frenetic drawings.

Keith Haring for his playful cartoony shapes and forms that seem to take on life of its own, and for his love of life despite facing death at young age.

Kathe Kollwitz’s for her dark, graphic prints depicting the often overlooked commoners and championship for equality.  And her courage and resilience through the tragedies and atrocities that haunted her life and bringing them to life through her art.

And there’s more, but right now I’m in brain freeze mode.  I need a break…

Whatcha Think?

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