The Tongue Is Evil

Kicking off a new series of work using passages from the Bible.  We are often reminded of the power of our tongue-yes that little chubby pink piece of flesh that sits pretty in our mouths isn't just for licking up food bits around our mouths or (I'll leave the rest to your imaginations).  The tongue … Continue reading The Tongue Is Evil


Kinda hard to explain this one, cause it hasn't really come out the way I planned it to.  But there are some areas I like and I got a bit out of the process, which involved some scraping and smudging and rolling around the inks and paints over some crumpled paper I pasted down with … Continue reading Banshee

The Radiance

This piece was inspired by a track from Linkin Park's "A Thousand Suns" titled "the Radiance" in which it is a clip of an old interview with the renowned phycisist Robert Oppenheimer, who was responsible for creating mankind's greatest destruction force- the atomic bomb.  In the clip Oppie likened himself to a Hindu deity Vishnu … Continue reading The Radiance

Chagall Selfie

Another selfie using collage and thick thick slabs of block ink I was trying to get rid of, kind of like a 'summer cleaning' of my supply bag.  Not really thinking much here about what I am trying to accomplish in this one, though it's got a pretty cartoony Chagall-esque appeal.  I was always told … Continue reading Chagall Selfie

Random Thoughts: Artists That Inspire Me

I am inspired by many different artists. Van Gogh for his bold graphic painting style. Picasso for his eclectic mix and mastery of techniques and styles. Jean Michel Basquiat for his speed, energy, brutality, and honesty in his unusual frenetic drawings. Keith Haring for his playful cartoony shapes and forms that seem to take on … Continue reading Random Thoughts: Artists That Inspire Me