Studio Day 5-29-15

I mentioned before I was going to try to keep documentation a of my art processes, so now I will try to do my best without making it too complicated.  

Today I’m doing some prep work for three different pieces, using various techniques and media.  The first one below is to be my selfie; I’ve layered pieces after pieces of shredded up newspapers and arranged them accordingly on a piece of plywood I had previously prepped with gloss varnish over a charcoal sketch of my face.  I’d used combo of glue and matte varnish to hold them down, and now I need to let them dry all the way before I move on to next phase:  

While that’s aside, I get another board (it’s actually three pieces of small plywood I glued together with gesso and paper) and with a small roller and flat chisel I smother on some black ink, rolling, scraping, daubing, smudging, you get the idea.  And here’s what it looks like:  

I won’t say just yet what it’s supposed to be that will be saved for another day, after I let this one dry out. This was so fun that I’m doing another one.

That’s all for now folks.  Tune in next time for updates.  Have good day.  

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