Police Trainer

   There has been a lot of media buzz lately regarding police authority and their use of force.  Their apparent extreme measures have resulted in number of deaths of their apprehended suspects, including Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO back in late 2014, Eric Garner of Staten Island, NY, Walter Scott of N. Charleston, SC, earlier this year, and the most recent Freddie Gray of Baltimore MD which sparked a huge riot throughout the city.   What did these men have in common other than being suspects? They were unarmed, and they were black.  Oh, and their deaths were captured heroically by a bystander with his mighty smartphone.  A lot has been discussed surrounding the way the police handled these suspects, not to mention a lot more of outrage, fueled further by the great NAACP, leading to many arguments and opinions about how much power can be issued to police and whether they can be trusted.  My opinions are pretty mixed, but can’t really take sides, as I believe there are always more than one side to the story than meets the eye. Besides arming the officers with body cams which should help justifying their, perhaps they ought to modify their target practice to help test the trainees level of judgment.

Whatcha Think?

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