Studio Day 5-29-15

I mentioned before I was going to try to keep documentation a of my art processes, so now I will try to do my best without making it too complicated.   Today I'm doing some prep work for three different pieces, using various techniques and media.  The first one below is to be my selfie; … Continue reading Studio Day 5-29-15

The Crown of Valor

   Today is Memorial Day.  In honor of those that selflessly sacrificed their lives for their country and the countrymen this month I offer unto thee this majestic crown that would make the Iron Throne of Westeros look like The most uncomfortable chair you could ever not want to sit on. Men and women of … Continue reading The Crown of Valor

Police Trainer

       There has been a lot of media buzz lately regarding police authority and their use of force.  Their apparent extreme measures have resulted in number of deaths of their apprehended suspects, including Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO back in late 2014, Eric Garner of Staten Island, NY, Walter Scott of N. Charleston, SC, earlier … Continue reading Police Trainer

All the Pretty Horseys

 From my oil painting class, this was the bust of a horse.  I've finished it in two sessions.  You can see the process here: