America…Made in China

It’s a known fact- over 98% of the stuff we buy-clothes, shoes, TVs, toys, etc.- are all marked “MADE IN CHINA” from the country of billions and counting where labor is plentiful, speedy, and super cheap.  It’s hard to find MADE IN USA symbols anymore.  Even big name designers do it too; this was actually inspired by in article back in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics where it was discovered that the fashion mogul Ralph Lauren designed the uniforms for the U.S. Olympics team, and the final products were made in where of all places, China.

Well what can be said? 2008 was the year of the Great Wall of China.  They hosted the worlds biggest sporting event in the most grandiose fashion and almost swept every major competitions, but not able to avoid some controversies especially around the age fixing of some of their prized gymnastics team members; obviously nobody was fooled that a girl who was physically underage was really of qualifying age, but they had their defense line: Asians don’t age as fast as other nationalities.  That is somewhat true, though, as I’ve had comments that I don’t look like 35, which I take pretty well.  😉

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