The Parasite

Ink on board

Politicians seems to love to talk and talk, but hardly ever walk the walk.  During campaigns and election times they bustle around picking the right words and phrases to attract prospective voters to get them into the coveted government positions, promising changes and laws that would bring prosperity and happiness for everyone.  But come election night and these guys get the votes needed and win their seats and the celebrations end and it’s time to get to business, not much happens.  Where was their promises to bring the change to Washington and the whole country of U.S. that people want to see?

I recall an old TV show that documents oddities from around the world, and one involved a man from China who was born with a parasitic twin-a deformed stillborn twin that gets conjoined to the other normal baby- a malformed mouth attached right on side of his face.  That image still stuck with me thirty years later, and it proved to be an inspiration for this piece.  Politician who attract people with their eloquent and convincing words and then after they get what they want pretends they didn’t know what they promised.  This is why I don’t trust the politicians…

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