Tears of Red

Here I have a reimagining Of an old piece done about couple years ago, a poem I wrote myself (terribly) about pain and sadness.  (Original piece can be seen here). The original was done on scratchboard; this time I've enlarged it on wood covered with pasted paper which I I then covered with various textured … Continue reading Tears of Red

America…Made in China

It's a known fact- over 98% of the stuff we buy-clothes, shoes, TVs, toys, etc.- are all marked "MADE IN CHINA" from the country of billions and counting where labor is plentiful, speedy, and super cheap.  It's hard to find MADE IN USA symbols anymore.  Even big name designers do it too; this was actually … Continue reading America…Made in China

Field Trip Day 5: Olvera Street

It was a mild and sunny day when I embarked on a day trip to one of the oldest surviving venues and the 'birthplace' of Los Angeles, the Olvera Street.  Continuing on my cultural and artistic treasure hunt this has been a trip that's long overdue in my thirty years living in California. A brief … Continue reading Field Trip Day 5: Olvera Street

The Parasite

Politicians seems to love to talk and talk, but hardly ever walk the walk.  During campaigns and election times they bustle around picking the right words and phrases to attract prospective voters to get them into the coveted government positions, promising changes and laws that would bring prosperity and happiness for everyone.  But come election … Continue reading The Parasite

The Millenial Valkyrie

In ancient Norse mythology a Valkyrie was an angelic spirit that lead the soul of a fallen warrior to his eternal rest in the heavenly realm of Asgard.  It is said that those that receive favor in the eyes of the gods will see a Valkyrie that are otherwise invisible to the naked eyes, and … Continue reading The Millenial Valkyrie