SFPop Continued

Hey there.  Was under the weather last two weeks; my brain was frozen.  Happens every once in a while. To pick things up again I present to you my second installment of StreetFighter  Pop.  I know there's like more than 50 characters out there right now, but my only concern is for the original characters, … Continue reading SFPop Continued

A Tweet Death

Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  There is no shortage of ways one can share their stories and pictures with their friends and strangers in the vast web of cyberspace.  But with this open portal to ones deepest realm of the soul comes many dangers- hackers, criminals, the police, the Feds, terrorists, all have access to one's most … Continue reading A Tweet Death


So last Saturday was the opening night of my first ever public legitimate art show taking place in Santa Ana, Ca. The OC Center for Contemporary Art hosted the first non juried free for all exhibition showcasing the diverse talents of artists, pros and amateurs alike, from all walks of life in Southern Cali. I … Continue reading Review: CHAOS THEORY @ The OCCCA

Field Trip Day 2: The Watts Towers

I've been living in Southern California most of all my life, and it's shame to say I've yet to find all the little treasures it has to offer. This past Saturday however I've finally made the time to pay a visit to one of SoCal's urban wonders- the Watts Tower. Located in the city of … Continue reading Field Trip Day 2: The Watts Towers

Red Tape 3

And yet another addition to the Red Tape series. If you've seen the first one then you'll surely understand. There's a good ref book called FACIAL EXPRESSIONS by Mark Simon, it's a collection of head shots of various people in various reactions and angles. Really good for drawing those troublesome facial expressions and positions of … Continue reading Red Tape 3