A deck O artist cards

Here are my painstakingly hand-made cards I will use as business cards. I think this is more appealing than a commercially printed ones, no? All are made out of collages photos and acrylic on a gessoed paper. It prominently features gems and jewelries, which are one of my favorite things. Also did I mention I … Continue reading A deck O artist cards

The Chaos Theory @the Orange Co. Center for Contemporary Art

So i was surfing the web and I happen to come upon this interesting site, a Call for Artist at an art center in the heart of Santa Ana Artist Village. It plainly stated that anyone is welcome to submit their works of art for an upcoming show in February. No judging, no contest, just … Continue reading The Chaos Theory @the Orange Co. Center for Contemporary Art

WIP: Convulsion

Here to complete the series involving skulls and technological overdose, following "Connection" and "Consumption." (Both completed last year in Nov.). I lay down the initial layer of gouache on the board and just now waiting for the paint to dry before I go into the next stage. And there are other pieces to get on … Continue reading WIP: Convulsion

Field Trip Day 1: L.A. Art Show

My new series for this year, any trips I take that's related to art and such and such. Starting with- The Art Show @ the L.A. Convention Center that started this Thursday and running through Sunday. It's my chance to explore the art scene of today and check out all the galleries and dealers present, … Continue reading Field Trip Day 1: L.A. Art Show

A New Year…

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! Hope you all gotten onto those new year resolutions, I know I am.  It's good to be back in the studio after long holiday rush.  I'll be sharing some new artwork diligently so keep posted!  Also hope you like the new layout of my website, there still needs work to be … Continue reading A New Year…