A Resolution

Dear Readers, Hey, its been over a year since I've started this thing called blogging as a way to,share my art ith the cyberspace. While I don't nearly expect a million followers off the bat, I'm pleased with some nice responses for my work, and lets me kniw that my time and efforts i put … Continue reading A Resolution


Now we don't just 'consume' with our mouths, as in eating, but with our eyes, our ears, and our minds as well. Our world is full of things tempting us to take in through our all five senses. And about 80% of them aren't really a necessity, but we feel these pressure to take them. … Continue reading Consumption


I was inspired by the Dia De Los Muertos skull designs for this new piece. This is to illustrate how much we are tuned in to the cyberspace. It's like our whole lives are dependent on it, it is pretty disturbing to think we are losing our sense of humanity.

The Feminist Genocide

  This was done a while back, continuing with experimenting of Issac Anderson's fresco-secco art. I brought together some photocopied images I collected from the Internet, pasted them as a collage on top of a rickety old plywood I found lying at the side of our house, and then brushed over some gloss varnish before … Continue reading The Feminist Genocide