The Reaping

2014 Linocut 9x12


During the Japanese occupation of Korea in the pre-World War 2 times the natives were subject to slavery and oppression from the invaders. Freedom was virtually nonexistent, any small act suggesting defiance against the Japanese were punishable by slow and torturous deaths. It was not only hard times for men, but for women and children as well. Things would only get worse when the Japanese army sent out help wanted ads promising food and pay to young women, which was highly unheard of for women in the old days. Most of the time due to harsh conditions that has put many families into poverty the women out of their duty to save their parents and siblings take on the offers. They are put on trains and sent off to destinations unknown. And when they arrive, they realize all too late the awful truth.
I got the idea of the title from the popular novel series “The Hunger Games” where the children between certain ages are gathered to be hand picked by officiators to star in the deadly fight to the death survival games in a ceremony called The Reaping.

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