New Series- Women of War


I’ve started a new series, which was actually for a contest held by a Korean Cultural Center for their annual juried exhibition. The subject was open to our imaginations, and I’ve decided, considering the venue, that I would submit something related to the history of my Korean heritage. Even better I chose to focus on the issue of the comfort women during the Japanese occupation in World War 2.

I know this has been getting heated amount of attention on the news and one of the sources of friction that is occurring between Korea and Japan. Here is sneak peek at the artist statement that would accompany this entry:

The recent debate over Japan’s war crimes during world war 2 inspired me to conduct research into the issue, particularly regarding comfort women. Watching films and reading testimonies of survivors of their terrifying experience did not makeup for my lack of knowledge of one of the dark moments in Korean history, but I feel strongly against abuses against women, and this one is no exception. I can only draw from the stories to understand the horrors and miseries of the women and girls that were torn from their families and used as objects of pleasure.

I decided to emulate the Expressionistic style of German artist Kathe Kollwitz whose haunting prints and drawings reflect the sufferings of women and children during the bitter storm of war. It also gives me chance to take up block printing which I haven’t done for some time since I left college. You can see my work in progress mode in the above pic. Next time I’ll be sharing the finished pieces with you.

Whatcha Think?

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