Women of War


This is actually another take on the previous image, with a same story but in a different perspective. This is it in the WOMEN OF WAR series for now. I will come back to it another time with more materials and it won't just be limited to the Korean comfort women issue. Have a happy… Continue reading Sleeepless

Women of War

Something Wicked…

Once they arrive at the comfort camp the girls were separated and each were put into a room. Then the soldiers would come in one by one and have their turns for certain amount of time. According to some of the testimonies of the survivors, some of the soldiers were quite brutal and would beat… Continue reading Something Wicked…

Women of War

Circle of Blood

This was actually the first image in the series I had completed, using a monoprinting method where I paint on a plexiglass plate and then lay down a flat piece of printing paper to get a blotchy texturous effect of the lines, which I believed enhances the dark nature of the subject matter. I painted… Continue reading Circle of Blood

Women of War

Under the Blood Red Sun

As you know the flag of Japan is white with bright red dot in the center, but in the old days especially during the early 20th century there were red rays around it to make it appear like shining sun. But to the victims and survivors of the dreadful days of Japan's brutal occupation of… Continue reading Under the Blood Red Sun

Women of War

Not My Daughter!

I have learned that not only the girls were lured to the comfort camp, but in some cases they were also taken by force from their household. Because not all the girls were gullible enough to fall for the army's deceptive job offers, and there are some mothers who refused to send their daughters away… Continue reading Not My Daughter!

Women of War

The Reaping

During the Japanese occupation of Korea in the pre-World War 2 times the natives were subject to slavery and oppression from the invaders. Freedom was virtually nonexistent, any small act suggesting defiance against the Japanese were punishable by slow and torturous deaths. It was not only hard times for men, but for women and children… Continue reading The Reaping

Musical Sunday Presents

Musical Sunday Presents: Another Brick In The Wall – Pink Floyd

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR5ApYxkU-U The ultimate anthem against totalitarianism and inequality, played out in an allusion of kids despising their oppressed states in school eventually leading them to rise against their despotic teachers. The video was somewhat disturbing Ina way, especially the part where the sedated kids are thrown into meat grinders. Actually this video was what inspired… Continue reading Musical Sunday Presents: Another Brick In The Wall – Pink Floyd

Women of War

New Series- Women of War

I've started a new series, which was actually for a contest held by a Korean Cultural Center for their annual juried exhibition. The subject was open to our imaginations, and I've decided, considering the venue, that I would submit something related to the history of my Korean heritage. Even better I chose to focus on… Continue reading New Series- Women of War