We R The Dead

2014 Mixed media on Bristol 11x17

Mixed media on Bristol

In the novel “1984” there was a line that the protagonist and his girlfriend often chanted, “we are the dead.” It seemed pretty significant considering the world they live in, a totalitarian society where freedom of any kind is outlawed, and everyone lives under constant watch under the large face of Big Brother. And it feels significant in reality as well, this volatile world I live in where one must live in fear that they are being watched at every move and every sound, and it’s not just the government thing anymore. In this cyber age of iPhones and instagrams and Twitter, virtually anyone from anywhere can see what you say and what you do. I look around on the street and about 90% of people passing by have their heads glued down to their gadgets. They look like the walking dead, and it’s not just some popular zombie slaying show anymore, it’s becoming more and more apparent. We are becoming less and less human as we depend upon computers and technology as well as becoming victimized by it.

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