Why I Decided to Join the Army in High School?? (2nd Act)

Continuing from last post…

So after the recruiter got me down on my fours with a collar around my neck I began making all these plans of all the things I would do while in the army. At senior year I signed up for the JROTC class, for I learned I can start my military career one grade above Private level if I was in the class. They issued uniforms that I would wear once a week, not the green and black field ones (that I’d have to wait for second semester).

Right away I dug in; I joined the drill team where we march with rifles(not live ones of course but dang they were heavy) and got to march in couple of local parades that year. I worked out often to prepare for that grueling boot camp I would face on that first day and imagining those burly drill sergeants screaming in my face and having to smell his onion breath. I studied everything I could about military life and the jobs on the base that are available. Since I was a girl I wouldn’t be allowed to work the infantry (boo) but I could work as an MP (military police) and I felt that would help me when I join the police after my service was over. Yeah, I had planned on joining the police and becoming a detective (wonder where I got that idea from, hmmmmm). And to make things even crazier I decided I want to join not the Army, but the Marine Corps, which is considered the toughest of all five branches(others being Aid Force, Navy, and Coast Guard). I’ll stupidly admit the biggest reason was they had the coolest looking uniforms. 😚 i had a blast and got along fine with all the other cadets un the class. I truly believed this is where i was meant to be.

Now the only major hurdle i had to overcome was my parents. And that is another long story, one that ultimately led me to where i am now…

To be Concluded…

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