Why I Decided to Join the Army in High School?? (Finale)

Whoa! And you thought I forgot about this tale, right? No I gotta finish it, not even this cold of mine shall keep me from the duty like a soldier-- Well skipping through all the boring drama plots, I'll just get to the gist of it. Basically, I didn't win over my parents' objections to … Continue reading Why I Decided to Join the Army in High School?? (Finale)

A little Time out…

Kinda hard to focus when your nose is clogged up and your throat if full is them gooey yellow gunks that gets you coughing to kingdom come. And a nice dose of them syrups to get you....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.........

Behind the Wall

As part of experimenting with new techniques I got this one from the book MIXED MEDIA WORKSHOP by Walter Foster Publishings with instructions by artist Issac Anderson (I had previously featured him in the WEBSITE LOOKUP series). He calls this the fresco-secco method, layering pieces of paper over a board and pasting them down with … Continue reading Behind the Wall


Put it simply, it's a tribute to one of the greatest games of our time, Pop Art style. I knew I wanted to do these kinds of paintings at some point, and I got this idea. And yes I still remember these winning quotes by heart; I am so lame ( these quotes are from … Continue reading SFPop

We R The Dead

In the novel "1984" there was a line that the protagonist and his girlfriend often chanted, "we are the dead." It seemed pretty significant considering the world they live in, a totalitarian society where freedom of any kind is outlawed, and everyone lives under constant watch under the large face of Big Brother. And it … Continue reading We R The Dead