In the Valley of Shadows of Death


Now I’ve never personally experienced PTSD, but could only imagine reading some testimonies from former soldiers of war how ugly it can be. And it is sadly so misunderstood, they don’t seem to get enough support to transition to civilian life after having lived through hell on the battlefield.

And to have to carry those dreadful memories of blood, death, violence, and the like for the rest of your living years, it is probably better to have died on the field. Not to say that all soldiers should die, of course I don’t advocate such thing, and I’m not terribly fond of wars, but I have no power to keep them from happening. It is a tragic experience no man or woman should have to face. And it’s not only limited to war; any traumatic crises even in your own home can have you wandering around with demons of the experiences weighing on your shoulders leading to other psychological disorders.

One Comment on “In the Valley of Shadows of Death

  1. war is bullshit I agree, what hurts the most having served is learning it meant nothing.


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